MoonDog Moretti to be Honored July 24,2015

By Vern MayMorettiPromoMorettivsAllen

“Yes, you ARE a freak! Why don’t you tell us something we don’t already know?” barked an animated Ed Moretti during a 1982 BCTV ringside interview about rival Chris Colt. The “Moondog” never failed to capture the attention of viewers  in or out of the wrestling ring.

Moretti is one of four B.C. wrestling legends slated to be honored on July 24 at the Cloverdale fairgrounds at All Star Wrestling’s Wrestle Reunion 5 event.

Originally from California, Moretti’s parents has hoped he would nurture his gift as a writer and pursue a career in journalism. However, he was but by the wrestling bug at age twelve and took his first steps in what would become a 34 year journey between the ropes at age 19. He arrived in Vancouver two years later.

Though recognized as a west coast mainstay, Moretti’s career has taken him around the world on numerous international tours. Domestically, his travels have included stops in Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Kansas, Manitoba and the Canadian Maritimes. There were many memories made, but not all of them good ones.

“In Winnipeg, the promoter tried to pay me off with a pair of jeans instead of money,” says Moretti, half chuckling.

Between the ropes, Moretti has wrestled them all. From wet behind the ears rookies to international headliners. In fact, when Minnesota trainer Eddie Sharkey sent an inexperienced power lifter-turned-wrestler to Vancouver to gain some early experience, Moretti was tasked to carry him through his first match in the territory. The following year, the wrestler known to B.C. audiences as Crusher Von Haig, was wrestling in Georgia when he was assigned a tag team partner and collectively, The Road Warriors went on to be one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

On the other end of the spectrum, Moretti has shared top billing with world champions. That was the case on a tour of Japan where he partnered with Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody against the trio of Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsuruta and Dory Funk Jr. This main event could only be trumped by a headline title match against NWA World champion Ric Flair earlier that year in Singapore.

Locally, Moretti saw success in tag team action with partners Terry Adonis and Dean Higuchi, as well as on his own in main event matches against the likes of Timothy Flowers, Chris Colt and promoter/wrestler Al Tomko, himself.

Moretti’s appearance on July 24 marks his first professional visit to B.C. in fifteen years.

All Star Wrestling is a Vancouver-based professional wrestling league which has presented live action in British Columbia and Washington State since 1949. The franchise has been headed by Surrey promoter Mark Vellios since 2007. Fans can get more information on this year’s honorees and the event line up at the circuit’s Facebook page All Star Wrestling Inc.

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