“COUGAR MEAT” On A Roll, Can they Be Stopped.

Cougar Meat FoleyAll Star Wrestling’s Current Tag Team Champions Collin Cutler and Kyle Sebastian, Better know as “Cougar Meat” are on a Roll lately and just can’t be stopped. Pro Wrestling Illustrated just came out with their Top 500 for this year, with Kyle Sebastian coming in at 365 and his partner Collin Cutler listed at  370. With recent Victories over several Tag teams lately including a Huge win over Matt XStatic and Adam Ryder, which could possibly go down as the Tag Team Match of the Year in All Star Wrestling.

On A High you bet, can they be stopped, time will tell. But in the mean time these to young Professional Wrestlers are enjoying the ride. Lately our cameras caught up with these two hanging out with Wrestling Legend, Mick Foley. If you have not yet seen these two in Action, I suggest you do, as they are worth the price of a ticket for sure.









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