Azeeme The Dream and Jason Cage on the Radar of Kevin Jefferies and Rick Marsh

All Star Wrestling Senior Official Kevin Jefferies  along with Commissioner Rick Marsh have been in several meetings after the May 30 2014 Wrestling event in Cloverdale BC. As  Mr. Jefferies was away on other commitments, Commissioner Rick Marsh was in attendance that evening.

What will be the outcome of of Azeem The Dream for what he did to Disco Fury.Will he get complete eye sight back again, and when will he be able, if doctors allow him to return to the ring. Jason Cage was a No Show to defend his Championship that evening against Gangrel, will officials strip Jason Cage of his Championship or will he be fined or Suspended til further notice.

Be in Cloverdale BC on Friday June 27 at the Alice McKay Building to find out what Kevin and Rick have in store for both these Wrestlers.

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