ASW Ready To Rumble In Squamish!


1380 Stawamus Rd, Squamish
Doors open 645pm Bell 730pm

All Star Wrestling returns to Squamish to raise funds for Youth Recreation Programs at Totem Hall.

10 Men compete in a Royal Rumble style match. Two wrestlers start then every two minutes another enters the ring. To be eliminated you must be thrown over the Top rope and both feet must touch the floor. The winner will receive a future title shot of his choice.

Battle of Adam Firestorm Champions
Azeem The Dream(Former Champion) vs Mr India(Current Champion)
Each time these two men step in the ring there is no love lost.  They have been feuding all across British Columbia for the last 2 years and have both won equally as many times.   The fans all across ASW have seen the Firestorm title change hands from Azeem to Mr.India but still there seems to be something bigger on the line.  What will we see when this all unfolds rite there at the Totem Hall in Squamish!

Tag Team Mayhem
Devastation(Pain & Suffering) vs The Breakers(Iton & Bruiser)
The former Tag Team Champions and fan favourites the Breakers will have there hands full with the newest team to join ASW, DEVASTATION.  The Breakers have defeated a lot of teams over the years and have taught a few lessons as well to those who needed it.  Devastation isn’t afraid of what The Breakers have to say they just want to give them some Pain and Suffering.

The Toga Boy vs  Salty The Seaman
With the power of 1000 guitars and the fraternity brothers in the wings the Toganation is ready to rock.  I mean this fan favourite is ready to make the kids scream at the top of there lungs for more.  Salty the Seaman doesn’t talk much but he sure can make you get closer to the edge of your seat.  This crusty veteran arrives from port to port with a SeaGal in his arms looking for a great time.  Every time he arrives somewhere there seems to be a wrestling ring and someone wants to fight so…..This will be a battle of the proportions.

Andy The Dreadful Bird vs Travis Sionys
Travis Sionys has had terrible luck with every tag team partner he has had.  I mean the LOL movement appears to be all about him and the fans don’t let him forget it.  Speaking about movements his opponent Andy The Dreadful Bird has been making international news with his kind heart.  He has been helping people achieve the dreams through the Birds Nest.  In Squamish Andy Bird will take flight and try to eliminate the LOL movement with the people of Squamish and the fans of ASW.

For more information about how you can help Andy’s cause please visit

Your Special Guest Host
The Great Kasaki!!

$15 Adults General Admission plus GST
$10 Kids Under 12 General Admission plus GST

Totem Hall Office or

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