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SATURDAY February 25th Cloverdale Fairgrounds Alice McKay Building-6050 A 176 St., Surrey Doors at 630 Bell at 730 Time again for the ladies of wrestling to show the fans how hard they hit, how high they can fly and athletic they can be!  Cloverdale fairgrounds at the Alice McKay building it time once again for some Girls… Continue Reading

All Star Wrestling presents February Frenzy SATURDAY FEB 11TH ALICE MCKAY BUILDING IN THE HEART OF THE CLOVERDALE FAIR GROUNDS DOORS OPEN AT 630pm ACTION STARTS AT 730pm All Star Wrestling has been a staple in Cloverdale for the last 30 years.  The Alice McKay building has held many matches with hundreds of thousands of… Continue Reading

All Star Wrestling presents ASW RUMBLE SATURDAY JANUARY 28TH CLOVERDALE FAIRGROUNDS  Alice McKay Building DOORS OPEN @630PM BELL @730PM Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time, once again, for some hard-hitting, High-flying Family fun.  All Star Wrestling welcomes you all to enjoy the thrills and spills as these Wrestlers let it all out and put a smile… Continue Reading

**All Star Wrestling Kicks off 2017 with FANGIN and HEADBANGING! It will feature a ASW Dream Match as the current ECCW Champion El Phantasmo goes one on one with former ASW Champion GANGREL The Vampire Warrior!! ** **Mr India returned at the YEAR END AWARDS to say he is ready to face the current ASW… Continue Reading

Girls Gone Wrestling – Season’s Beatings

   Girls Gone Wrestling presents SEASONS BEATINGS FRIDAY DECEMBER 9TH DOORS OPEN AT 630PM  BELL AT 730PM ALICE MCKAY BUILDING CLOVERDALE FAIR GROUNDS 6050A 176 St., Surrey Ladies and Gentleman its time once again for some Girls Gone Wrestling action.  We take pride in bringing the best in entertainment and want you to enjoy the… Continue Reading