All Star Wrestling returns to the Cloverdale Fairgrounds this Saturday night!!
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Matt X Static is a fan favorite no more after destroying the ASW Cruiserweight Title last week in Cloverdale. He came out to save
Kobra Kai from the
Tokyo Raiders and proceeded to turn on him. As he was handing the belt to Kobra Kai he decided to lay him out with the belt. After a savage beating Kobra Kai was saved by ASW owners Disco Fury and Michelle Starr. Xstatic wasn’t finished as he grabbed the timekeepers hammer and destroyed the belt!! Michelle Starr seen enough and has fired Matt XStatic from ASW. Kobra Kai will be out of action for at least the next two months.
We have new ASW Tag Team Champions as
Devastation Pain & Suffering were led to victory by their new manager
Jason Cage. They defeated
Sgt. Mike Everest and Randy Myers and Cougar Meat in a Triple Threat Match April 28th in Cloverdale.
Alexander Hammerstone returns to ASW May 26 and 27th in Cloverdale and Maple Ridge.
ROH and New Japan Star Kyle O’Reilly will be in Cloverdale Friday June 9th.
#UFC Star “Filthy” Tom Lawlor to take on “The Loose Cannon” Kenny Lush at the ASW 10th ANNIVERSARY SHOW July 7th at the Cloverdale Agriplex.
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All Star Wrestling Presents “Let’s Get Funky” this Saturday night!
Saturday May 13th Alice McKay Building Cloverdale Farigrounds 6050A 176 St., Surrey
Doors open at 6:30 Matches start at 7:30PM
Stretcher Match
Azeem The Dream vs Thunder
One of these men will leave the ring on a STRETCHER!!
Girls Gone Wrestling Title Match
Riea Von Slasher vs Bambi HallChampion)
Tag Team Grudge Match
Adam Ryder & Nick Price vs Joey Funk and Fast Freddy Funk!
ASW Trans Canada Title 2/3 Falls
Devastation Pain vs Mr India(Champion)…

Tag Team LUCHA Style!!
Tokyo Raiders!(Great Kasaki, Alex Prestige with Green T Shock) vs Los Sexi Mexis(Ave Rex & Sonico)

Opening Contest
Christopher Ryseck vs Clark Connors

Your referees will be Raven Lake and Michiel Marsh

The host for the evening will be Miss Stephanie

$21 Front Row
$15.75 General Admission
(Prices include GST)

Tickets are available online at click Buy Tickets
Or at the door the night of the event startinng at 6:30pm.

For more information call 604-710-0872

April Anarchy Results
4/28/17 Cloverdale Fairgrounds, Surrey
Matt XStatic pinned Scott Justice after a sunset flip out of a winged angel,
Nick Price beat Kellen Raeth with Lethal Injection
Liiza Hall beat Kacee Carlisle after a reverse decision due to Carlisle using powder to the eyes.
Kobra Kai bested Dark Sheik 2/3 Falls to retain the ASW Cruiserweight Title. 1st Fall Sheik with sliced bread. 2nd Fall Kobra with a Kobra boy, 3rd Fall Kobra with tombstone piledriver.
Mr India beat Adam Ryder with a Rock bottom in a 1 Fall Non Title Match after a destraction by referee Joey Funk
Devastation Pain and Suffering beat Sgt. Mike Everest & Randy Myers and Cougar Meat to win the ASW Tag Team Titles in a Triple Threat Match.
Loose Cannon Kenny Lush beat Mr. Athletic Jeff Cobb in a streetfight after a swanton off the top rope while Cobb was covered with folding chairs.

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