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All Star Wrestling has been a staple in Cloverdale for the last 30 years.  The Alice McKay building has held many matches with hundreds of thousands of fans cheering and booing there favorites.  We want to thank you for your continued support and we promise to bring in your face action packed excitement every time.  So ladies and gentleman come join us as we present a Huge night in the squared circle.

The Biggest Match in ASW History!
Tripe Threat Main Event
Kenny Lush vs Mr Athletic Jeff Cobb vs El Phantasmo

Nothing says wisdom more than Lush vs Cobb vs ELP!! These three have been the talk of the internet.  Kenny Lush is a former ASW Champion and a fan favorite.  Jeff Cobb is a former Olympian for United States of America in wrestling.  Globally known for his athletic abilities and versatility in and around the ring, Jeff Cobb has some unfinished business with Lush…Wait there is more. In a sister company El Phantasmo faced Jeff Cobb but lost a epic battle.  Jeff Cobb called him back in the ring and declared that anywhere any place he would give ELP a rematch.  Jeff Cobb also told Kenny Lush he wanted to continue there battle that was left undecided the last time they met in Cloverdale.  Three men enter but only one will win… All you fans will really be the winner after this match up is said and done!

ASW Trans Canada Title Match 2/3 Falls
Azeem The Dream vs Mr. India

Mr.India kept his promise to become the All Star Wrestling Trans Canada Heavyweight Champion.  Mr.India fought hard to come back after a huge injury sidelined him for several months.  But after training hard and using his KoyaBell system he became stronger than ever before.  Azeem The Dream earned this shot at the ASW Championship when he outlasted 19 other participants in the ASW Rumble last month.  Azeem and Mr.India are no strangers to each other as they have fought tooth and nail for various titles.  This one will be 2 out of 3 falls and promises to make you want more.  Will it be a new Champion or will Mr.India hold on tight and retain the ASW Championship!

ASW Cruiserweight Title Match 2/3 Falls
Matt Xstatic vs Kobra Kai(New Champion)

Freshly crowned ASW Cruiserweight Champion Kobra Kai vows to take on any and all contenders.  Kobra wants to make sure the ASW fans are happy and excited when he faces the best of the best.  Matt Xstatic just returned from a tour of India and Japan.  Matt is a former ASW Cruiserweight Champion but whats to bring the belt back around his waist. Kobra vs Matt both can fly both can grapple but who will be the winner.

Christopher Ryseck vs Thunder From Jalandhar

Team USA member Christopher Ryseck has been notably been involved in tag team action.  Ryseck wants to show all you people why you should be on your feet cheering for this USA member.  His beautiful glistening body on display for you to admire and be jealous of.  Thunder from Jalandhar is sick and tired of people not working hard and disrespecting each other.  Thunder is a working man who promises to promote the good work ethic and determination to better people.  When Ryseck meets Thunder from Jalandhar we shall see just what  will happen.  Clash of styles but one goal in mind and that is to win!

Jingles The Kreepy Klown vs The Volcano
Jingles The Kreepy Klown has laughed and gawked each and everyone of you.  He thinks your all funny looking and is willing to go out of his way to prove it.  Volcano has returned to ASW to bring justice and order back.  Volcano wants the fans of ASW to remember to always do the rite thing and will show you crime doesn’t pay.  Jingles will be on the prowl but can the Volcano stop him in his tracks!

The Diva Slayer Nick Price vs

Nick Price is the former ASW Cruiserweight Champion who is being forced to earn a shot for the title he just lost.  Commissioner Marsh stated that Price must fight for his spot.  WildKard is the new face in the ASW Arena.  With a huge following The WildKard fights hard and the cheers get louder and louder.  Can WildKard score the ace or will Nick Price get one step closer to a title shot!

Plus a special interview with Japanada(Great Kasaki, T Shock & Alex Prestige

Tickets are
$21 Front Row SOLD OUT
$15.75 General Admission are available at:

For more information call
7788686690 ask for Nathan

Meet the Wrestlers after the show at The Attic Billiards in Delta

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