All Star Wrestling presents ASW RUMBLE
All Star Wrestling presents ASW RUMBLE-Flyer
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time, once again, for some hard-hitting, High-flying Family fun.  All Star Wrestling welcomes you all to enjoy the thrills and spills as these Wrestlers let it all out and put a smile on your faces!
Wrestlers compete for a Rumble Style Match. Winner to receive Title shot of their choosing Feb 11th Cloverdale.
Azeem The Dream
Christopher Ryseck
Thunder From Julandhar
The Kreepy Klownz
The Animal Don Ceiver
Bruiser Joe
Adam Ryder
The Volcano

ASW Trans Canada Title(Automatic) Rematch
Mr. Jacked Nick Rogers vs Mister India(New Champion)
Last show we all witnessed the victory by Mr.India as he became the new ASW Trans Canadian Heavyweight Champion.  Vowing to defend the title anywhere against anyone.  Mr Jacked Nick Rogers gets his automatic rematch and is looking forward to showing you all why your Bozo’s!  So far this match up looks like it could go either way so maybe you the fans can witness something extra spectacular.
ASW Cruiserweight Title
Nick Price(Champion) vs Kobra Kai
Nick Price has literally set the tone and raised the bar in the Cruiserweight division.  What ever contender is placed in front of him Price has beaten.  Kobra Kai has been away as of late and wouldn’t tell anyone what or why he was away.  Last show Kobra displayed a new found ability to dig deep down when the cards were against him.  Maybe folks the Kobra went back to the Dojo and mastered something new and maybe we will see a new ASW Cruiserweight Champion!
Kenny Lush vs Ethan HD
Kenny Lush has proven time and time again that he is a man not to be taken lightly.  Kenny will smash your face, bark in your face and yes Ballz in your face!! Going against the highest ranking wrestlers in the Pacific Northwest is something Kenny enjoys.  Ethan HD may be new to ASW but he is a mainstay in Pacific Northwest and was ranked highly in the PWI500.  This matchup should have taken place along time ago but they say timing is everything.  What goes up must come down and when I say down down I mean for the count of 3!!
Bambi Hall vs The Only Sloan
Sloan is relatively new to Girls Gone Wrestling.  Having only participated in one show so far for GGW she impressed the powers that be.  Actually she walked through the commissioners door and asked for a title shot for the GGW title.  Unfortunately for Sloan…..Bambi Hall just returned from a very successful tour in Osaka Japan and is ready to introduce Japanese style to you ASW fans.  Bambi wants the GGW title around her waist and is willing to go through anyone to get it.
Matt Xstatic vs Alex Prestige

Matt Xstatic made his return from India and was well on his way in becoming the ASW cruiserweight Champion when out of nowhere his supposed best friend rushed the ring and cost him his chance at becoming the champion.  Alex has been training hard and has been awaiting to prove that he wants his shot and is willing to go through his best friend to get it.  Did we mention that Matt also just returned from Japan and is ready to teach a lesson in respect to his once so called best friend!

WildKard vs The Great Kasaki

Last month we saw the debut of the WildKard in Cloverdale.  He fought hard and gained a win.  This time when the WildKard steps in the ring it will be to face the returning Kasaki.  Although many of the people know Kasaki is based in Japanada and is proud of his punchu kicku style.  Many of you may not have realised is the Great Kasaki went to Japan to look for a new style to bring back to Cloverdale and we hear it will be something to see.  Can the WildKard get another victory or will Kasaki prove why he is Great!

Tickets are $21 Front Row and $15.75 General Admission. (Price includes GST)

For more information call-604 710 0872
New ASW Trans Canada Champion Crowned at Fangin and Head Banging
Mr. India defeated Mr. Jacked Nick Rogers with a vicious Rock Bottom in a 1 fall contest to become the new ASW Trans Canada Champion Jan 13th at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds in Surrey, BC. Note Nick Rogers seemed to take a lot of the impact directly on the back of his head. A automatic rematch has been signed for January 28th.
Also the Border Patrol captured the ASW Tag Team Titles for the second time in a SIX MAN TAG which had the tag team titles on the line. The Border Patrol teamed with Ravenous Randy Myers to defeat Team USA & Flexx Payne.  Officer Nick Pesky used a Sunset Roll Up on Azeem The Dream after a botched mirror shot by Christopher Ryseck .
The ASW Dream match which pitted former ASW Champion Gangrel vs the current ECCW Champion El Phantasmo was incredible!! It ended with Gangrel hitting him Impaler for the victory!
Nick Price retained the ASW Cruiserweight Title over Air Adonis 2/3 Falls. The first fall seen a double pin after a Superplex making it 1 fall each. Third fall  had price catch Air Adonis in  his springboard Ace Crucher Championship Edition for the win.
Kobra Kai pinned Adam Ryder after interference from WildKard with a top rope body press. Early in the match referee Joey Funk was removed from the match after Adam Ryder complained heavily to Disco Fury and Michelle Starr. He was replaced by new official Peter Hare. Both Ryder and Kobra Kai have been very abusive to referee Joey Funk in the past.
Breaker Iton retained the ASW Legends Title over Devastation Pain and Vendetta. Iton ate a turnbuckle wrapped in chain(By Suffering), staggered out to the middle of the ring where Vendetta went for a top rope cranial punch. Iton fell down before moment of impact, Vendetta hit Pain instead ejecting him from ring. Iton then proceeded to schoolboy Vendetta for the pin fall. After the pinfall Suffering attacked Iton and was quickly dispatched from the ring by Iton Bruiser and Vendetta.
Former US Olympian Mr. Athletic Jeff Cobb returns Feb 11th.

Last time he was in Canada he went to a time limit draw with Loose Cannon Kenny Lush. A rematch was signed immediately but a change has occurred. El Phantasmo was suppose to receive a rematch vs Cobb at the cancelled Wise Pro Wrestling show. So ASW is bringing you the fans the best of both matches. We are having a Triple Threat Match Feb 11th at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. JEFF COBB vs KENNY LUSH vs EL PHANTASMO!!!

Tickets are on sale now!

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