**All Star Wrestling Kicks off 2017 with FANGIN and HEADBANGING! It will feature a ASW Dream Match as the current ECCW Champion El Phantasmo goes one on one with former ASW Champion GANGREL The Vampire Warrior!! **
**Mr India returned at the YEAR END AWARDS to say he is ready to face the current ASW Trans Canada Champion, Mr. Jacked Nick Rogers!!**
**High Flyer and Electrifying Matt XStatic returned December 30th after spending the last five months in India training wrestlers for the Great Khali’s CWE Academy.**
ASW has invaded JAPAN. 5 ASW Wrestlers and 1 referee have arrived in Japan to compete for Doutonburi Pro Wrestling. They are Bambi and Liiza Hall, Matt XStatic, The Great Kasaki, TKO Cody Smith and referee Tyler Mac. They will be based out of Osaka, Japan.

Upcoming Events
All Star Wrestling presents

Friday January 13th., 2017
Alice McKay Building at the Cloverdale Fair Grounds
6050 176 St.
Doors open at 630 / Bell at 730pm
All Star Wrestling kicks off 2017


Former WWE superstar and former ASW Trans Canada Champion Gangrel returns to Cloverdale to do some Fanging and Banging.  Gangrel fights for the people of ASW and is ready and willing to fight any one any where.  EL PHANTASMO is living his dream everywhere he goes.  The fans just cant get enough of this charismatic sensation who has the ability to adapt.  Although E L P is much smaller than Gangrel his larger than life personality is on par!  Darkness will be in the arena but the neon lights will shine bright.

ASW Trans Canada Title Match
Mr. Jacked Nick Rogers(Champion) vs Mister India
Mr. India is out for revenge after suffering a serious neck injury.

Mr Jacked has been defending the ASW Championship everywhere he goes.  He simply steps in the ring and declares he will defeat any single person and will only take just one fall.  At times Nick Rogers is very straight forward and tells you what he thinks.  At times Nick rogers is a fair guy.  At times….Who are we kidding folks!! Nick Rogers tried to end the career of Mr. India.  Over and over Rogers beat down and wrenched the neck of India until that didn’t work and Rogers used a steel chair.  So after months or Dr’s visits and many physio sessions Mr.India is back and he is bigger and stronger than ever.  Will there be a new champion? Or will Nick Rogers defeat India with out even breaking a sweat!?

ASW Cruiserweight Title 2/3 Falls
Diva Slayer Nick Price(Champion) vs Air Adonis
Last month Nick Price and Air Adonis were set to wrestle one on one when all of a sudden Matt Xstatic came back and ASW commissioner put him in the match as a three way.  Well After that match the commissioner was asked by these two men if they could elevate one more time and have a 2/3 falls match with no time limit.  Will Nick Price be the cocky, arrogant and conceded champion we all know he is and walk out of Cloverdale with the title around his waist or will Air Adonis take flight and lead the ASW fans in a new direction!

Azeem The Dream, Christopher Ryseck & Flexx vs The Border Patrol & Randy Myers
Six Man Tag Team and the Titles are on the line.  Team USA just cant seem to do things on there own.  Last month just as the Boarder Patrol was closing in on a victory Team USA had there henchman in the back waiting for the perfect time to pounce.  While Team USA and Flexx laid the beating on the Boarder Patrol Randy Myers just couldn’t take it any longer.  He ran to the ring clearing house and demanded ASW commissioner do something about it.  So Ladies and gentleman what we have here is a six man tag team match and the ASW TITLES are on the line.
ASW Legends Title
Breaker Iton(Champion) vs Pain vs Vendetta
Pain and Vendetta think they are both the Number One contender for the Legends Title that Breaker Iton has around his waist.  So this January 13th ASW will have a 3-way match up to see who is the legend and who is merely to old!!!
Kobra Kai vs Hurricane Adam Ryder
Kobra Kai has been waiting patiently to finally rid ASW of the menace Adam Ryder.  These two have battled it out many times and there seems to be no clear winner.  So on this Friday the 13th two enter the ring and one will leave as the victor!

Tickets are $20 Front Row and $15 General Admission plus GST.

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ASW Male Wrestler of the Year-Kenny Lush
ASW Female Wrestler of the Year-Bambi Hall
Most Popular Wrestler of the Year-Bambi Hall
Most Hated Wrestler of the Year-Azeem The Dream
Tag Team of the Year-The Border Patrol
Rookie of the Year-Liiza Hall
12/30/16 Cloverdale Fairgrounds-Surrey, BC
Thunder made Salty Seaman submit to the camel clutch
Nicole Matthews retained the Girls Gone Wrestling Tile beating Bambi Hall with the Roll the Dice
Devastation Pain double countout with Vendetta
Randy Myers beat Tyler James
Team USA(Christopher Ryseck & Azeem The Dream) beat The Border Patrol after Ryseck hit the “Fashion Statement” on Officer Nick Pesky to retain the ASW Tag Team Titles
Nick Price pinned Air Adonis in a Triple Treat Match with Matt XStatic. Xstatic hit the Falcon Arrow on Adonis but as he went to pin Adonis he was pulled out of the ring by former friend Alex Prestige!! Price took advantage of this and covered Adonis for the victory. Nick Price is still your ASW Cruiserweight Champion.

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