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تداول سوق الاسهم السعودي مباشر

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Nicole Matthews(Champion) vs Holidead from Stardom Japan
Holidead wants nothing more than to prove she is a leader and not a follower.  Straight from Stardom in Japan,  Holidead has been taking care of business and eliminating competitors from the women’s divisions all around the world!  Nicole Matthews is locally know and has a reputation all around the world as being one of the very best female wrestlers.  A former Shimmer Champion and now current GGW champion Nicole Matthews plans on going to the dark side and dragging Holidead through the guantlet.  This will be a Main event like you have never seen before.

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Malia Hosaka & Riea Von Slasher vs Chelsea Green & Sloan
Malia Hosaka & Riea Von Slasher are dangerous in singles competition and can very well dominate but when they joined forces and became the Queens of Talent and Assets. Both are singles champions all around the world  and at the top of there mountains.  Chelsea Green is a Former GGW Champion and a current TNA star who never backs down. Chelsea is know as Laurel Van Ness on TNA.  She may look all sweet and innocent but she hits like a truck.  Chelsea asked Sloan to be her partner and gain retribution for all of team means bad behavior.   Sloan fights hard and is gaining momentum in the singles division but every time she gains ground either Riea or Malia get in her way.  Will beauty slay the beast or will the girls of mean-street take some more victims and add to there carnage!

سعر الذهب بالريال السعودي اليوم
تداول اسهم الحماد Bambi Hall vs Allie Parker
Hometown girl Bambi Hall has been kinda looking to regain her place on top.  Bambi has had many hurdles and many of them came from darkness and pain from either Riea Von Slasher, Malia Hosaka or even Diva Slayer Nick Price.  Earlier this month Bambi stepped on the gas pedal and faced T-Shock on a ASW show and didn’t need any help.  She picked him apart and proved she is ready for all competition.  Allie Parker is on of the top female wrestlers in the world and is looking to prove to the fans in Cloverdale and Canada that she is the real deal.  Coming from Las Vegas she is no stranger to odds.  Will the odds be in her favor or can Bambi continue to gain momentum and get one step closer to the GGW Championship!

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When your always smiling and happy its hard to keep a person down.  Sunni Daze has wrestled for GGW in the past and is always ready and willing to throw down with anyone.  Sunni hits hard and then smiles and tells you to have a nice day. Sunni likes giving her opponents Hugs and Headlocks.  Calamity Kate is ready to show that she cant be taken lightly.  Kate can be twisted and bent in any direction and she bounces back.  Kate can kick high and low but no one ever sees it coming.  Will Sunni send Kate in a Daze or will Kate knock the smile off of Sunni’s face!

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Team USA(Azeem The Dream & Christopher Ryseck) vs Mr India & Thunder from Jalandhar
When the commissioners of both ASW and GGW got together for there meeting they decided that something special must be done.  Mr.India along side with Thunder from Jalandhar have both been double teamed and attacked from behind.  When they enter there match ups against any and all ASW competitors someone interferes.   Team USA feel like they are being put on the side and not given equal opportunity.  Team USA has cheated there way in almost every match up they have had and they still want more.  The last ASW show in Cloverdale  Team USA ruined Thunder and Mr.India’s match ups and the powers that be want this to end!!!

Tickets are $21 Front Row and $15.75 General Admission price includes GST.

Avaialble at:


For more information call 6047100872

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